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Female : Switch, but mostly submissive

I Offer: Phone sex, MP3s, Custom mp3s, and PPM recordings

I Speak: English

Height: 5’4

Shoe Size: 6.5

Eye Color: Green

Hair color: Brunette



Punish My Little teen Pussy
I am 19 years old and everyone who knows me thinks of me as the girl-next-door, sweet, innocent, A+ honors roll student. It’s true…. I have always come across as very wholesome and pure, but what if I told you I have a very filthy, naughty side to me when it comes to guys who are much, much older than me?

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I was never the slutty girl in high school! However, I WAS the sexy young princess whose pants you and your friends would have died to get into but could have only dreamed of. I’m the girl you wanted to be your girlfriend, but you were too nervous, anxious, or intimidated to think I’d have gone out with you.

Little did you know that it would keep me up at night thinking about you stroking your cock imagining just how wet and soft my pretty little pink pussy would feel. Can you imagine that as you would be jerking off picturing blowing your load on my perky tits that I might have been laying in bed, my fingers buried deep in my tight pussy picturing your cock making me all glossy, sticky, and wet?

Maybe you could relate more to one of my teachers – you know the ones I’m talking about! The perverted older guy who knew it was going to be his lucky day whenever he saw it was “short skirt day” for his favorite teacher’s pet, Ryder. I wonder if any of those sexy, older, married men secretly knew that when they’d sit down at the desk in the front of class that I was deliberately giving them the perfect view of the wet spot soaking through my panties.