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Click here to listen to MissReaghan's free voice sampleHello to all of you just finding me for the first time. I am Mistress Reaghan and I am a phone sex femdom who loves taking control of little whelps such as yourself.Honestly, knowing I have all the power over you is almost enough to make me get off all on its own. This helps because your cock certainly won't be doing the trick. Oh, I am sure you think it is a rock-hard, massive member of love, but in my eyes it's a pathetic painfully wretched thing. I have no use for it other than for my personal amusement.

The Test

missReaghanMissReaghan- Voice Sample Here

The world has changed and now women are in charge. Every man, upon reaching his 19th birthday must report to the mysterious Selective Service office for testing and placement within the Queendom. Will you pass the test or be forced into a life of chastity?

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