How much are the mp3s?
The price per offer, is determined by each individual Artist. You will see the price, description, and Artist details listed prior to making a purchase. You will only be charged for the item that you select.

How do I make a purchase, and then get the file once I purchase it?
Once you find the mp3 that you would like to purchase, click the Buy Now button provided with each offer. Follow the prompts to complete your order. You will have access to your order immediately. There are a variety of ways that the file might be provided. Either there will be an attachment included for download, or a link within the paid offer to click and play, or right click and download for larger files.

How many times can I play the file?
As often as you would like. Once the purchase has been made, there is no need to repurchase the file again.

If I lose the file, can I get a copy of the file again?
Depending upon the Artist’s personal decision. Details will be listed within their offers.

If I want to speak to the Artist for live adult chat, is that possible?
Yes. Each Artist on Adultmp3.com that provides custom or non custom mp3s, also provides live adult chat, too! More information on live adult chat is provided below.

How much does live chat cost?
For live adult chat, with or without live adult cam, the rate per minute is determined by each individual Flirt. You will see the rate per minute before placing a call. You will only be charged for the minutes that you are on the call for. This does not include promotional free minutes. You only pay as you go.

Are there connection fees or blocks of time, or minimums?
No. No. And No. however, International rates MAY apply. Niteflirt is located within the United States.

Membership fees?

How do I receive promotional free minutes?
Every new Member who makes purchase, receives their first 3 minutes for live adult chat – free. Current Members do not qualify for these 3 free promotional minutes. International callers do not qualify for free minutes.

I’m an International caller. How do I place a call to the Flirt?
You can use a service such as Skype to place international calls with us. International rates and fees may be billed by Skype. Check with Skype for additional details.

What happens when the 3 free minutes are up?
Since you will need to verify your age prior to connecting a call with the sexy auto teller, she will return with a first announcement. The recording will state that you have one minute remaining. Once that one minute has expired, she will ask you if you would like to continue your call. You can add what funds you would like at that time. You may add additional funds in increments of $5.00. You will not be charged until you choose to add funds to your account yourself. You may choose to reconnect the call, or call another provider via the auto prompt. There is no fee for loading funds to your account.

When the call is over, what do I do?
When the call is complete when using the NF Billing Service, the auto teller will prompt you choose a few selections. One of which will be to ‘Rate your call’experience – 5 being the highest rating, a great call. You could choose to add more funds, and the call will automatically reconnect.

You can use your phone number to create an online account to access emails, pay to views and more.

What types of payment are accepted?
All Credit or Debit Cards are accepted with either a Visa or Mastercard logo.

Charges on my phone bill?
No. Payment is taken immediately, and appears as NF Services.

Is it private?
Absolutely. Your personal information is kept STRICTLY private and confidential, even from the providers..

Will any of the Artists ask me for my credit card information?
Never. Your billing is handled through the private auto teller for your privacy and convenience.

Are there any Rules?
Topics that are not permitted are: scat, urine, rape, bestiality, incest, menstrual blood, and underage subject matter. This is a consensual service, which means that only what you and the Flirt feel comfortable discussing is permitted, with the exceptions of the previous topics mentioned. All audios and images are rightfully owned and licensed by their creator, and may not be resold, or redistributed in any manner, unless otherwise specified by the creator themselves. Live adult chat calls on Niteflirt are not to be recorded for legal reasons, and for the privacy of both parties.

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