Get Your MP3s Listed or Offer Your Voiceover Services

*Adding new Flirts to either the AMP3 audio or Voiceover project, will resume during the week of June 12, 2016. However, you may still submit your details in order to be listed, and your name will go into que. This means that you would be added to the site after June 12, 2016 – if you meet the below requirements.*

If you are reading this, then we assume that you are a Flirt who provides live chat services on Niteflirt, and are interested in either having your audio mp3 files featured, or wish to be listed for providing voice over services to other Flirts. The following requirements are for the purpose of setting guidelines and certain standards, in order to help connect seekers with quality service providers. This is not to say that anyone who does not meet the below criteria, or that those who do not wish to participate, provide less quality service.

Getting listed as a voiceover provider, is meant as an opportunity to connect Flirts who wish to offer voice over services, with Flirts who wish to purchase such services for their own projects. (It also means that it’s possible to get discovered by talent scouts who are searching the web for voice over workers.) AMP3 does not monitor those services, is not involved in the payment processing, nor does AMP3 maintain any information of the interaction between the parties involved. Offering voiceover services would mean that once the purchase is made, it is with understanding that the other Flirt may use the voiceover that they have purchased for commercial and personal use. If you are offered a voiceover job through some other service, company, platform, or talent scout, usually this means the same. However, you should always read the terms and conditions before committing yourself to such job opportunities.

Getting your MP3 offers featured on AMP3, means that specific details and permissions would be granted by you as a Flirt, to have your offers featured. AMP3 will never claim any of your property as theirs, as you will always be the rightful original creator. Additional details below.

There is no financial cost to be featured for either service, as long as you meet the AMP3 standards.

To Get Your MP3 Files Listed, Or To Be Added As A Voice Over Artist:

1. You must be a Flirt who provides live adult chat services on Niteflirt, with a feedback rating of no less than 200 points in your top rated listing.

2. Your feedback must be in good standing. This means that there should not be consistent negative feedback.

3.You must have recent feedback activity which is no less than 90 days old.

4. You must have at least 5 (five) mp3 offers available for sale on Niteflirt. These can be listed as Buy Now or Goodie items.

5. You will be expected to provide a voice sample of no less than 15 seconds in length. This will be used to promote you. Please have this in mp3 format. This is to include a brief description about you, and the topics that you provide audios on. Your NF exact member name must be included. You may include the NF number, with your extension Please do not include personal domains, nor any other numbers or information which is not NF related.

6.If you do not have a headshot on your NF listings, which would be used for your profile picture on AMP3, then please supply one with your request to have your audios featured, or to be listed for voiceover services.

Next step, and Review: When requesting to be added on the AMP3 site, you will need to include the following:
A. Headshot for your profile pic.
B. Mp3 voice sample.
C. Meet AMP3’s qualifications.
D. Permission to use your NF listings text for your profile.
E. If you wish to be listed as a voiceover artist, please include your rate per minute, or per word. Also include any other specific details that you would like interested seekers to know, which are related to your voice over service offers.

Your inquiry should be sent to Alexis4u of Niteflirt. Please title the email as “ADULTMP3 REQUEST”. If you meet the requirements, and submit what is needed, there is no reason why I would reject your request.

*Please note: Once a Flirt is approved, they will be added to the site as soon as it is possible. This could take up to 2 weeks due to times where other projects of this network are needing immediate attention. However, once approved, a Flirt will not be required to do anything further after they have replied with their submitted promotional items.